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Welcome to SpiritLodge.info

Please allow us to introduce ourselves; We are Cinnamon Moon & River WildFire Moon; Founders of both SpiritLodge.info and SpiritLodge.yuku

The History of Spirit Lodge: Spirit Lodge.yuku, was created in January of 2000, as a FREE Learning Resource Center. Based on shamanic and Native spiritual principles, we served to assist those interested in both spiritual growth and development.

We began SpiritLodge.yuku with a handful of pages and one interactive discussion forum. The forum was designed for like-minded members to share experiences and knowledge in a safe learning and sharing environment.

In striving to meet a growing demand for personalized programs such as Private Spiritual Coaching & Studies, and also Advisory Readings; Spirit Lodge.info was born.

Certification programs are available for those interested in a professionally oriented path of service as well as services designed as downloadable workshops, seminars, and optional phone consultations.

Designed with you in mind, we offer: flexible options, affordability and service payment options via PayPal, both personalized and customized studies to meet your learning needs and preferences.

Here at Spirit Lodge; You are able to follow your own interests, work at your own pace, explore as deeply as you wish, or follow our suggested certification programs. Come grow with us...

We look forward to working with you,

Cinnamon Moon
River WildFire Moon

© Copyright: Cinnamon Moon & River WildFire Moon (Founders.) 2000 - date
All rights reserved.

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