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Spiritual Development (97)

12 Laws Of Karma

About Shielding Discussion

Activating Your Sensory Input

Assimilation: Learning To Use Ones Gifts To Serve Others

Blockages And Fear Discussion

Breathing Universal Energy Process

Building Your Spiritual Muscles

Centering And Grounding For Young-Uns

Centering And Grounding


Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience Defined

Clairsentience: Question On Modals

Cloud Busting/Scrying Exercise

Common Smudging Plants And Uses

Comparisons And Inadequacy

Connection To The Great Mother Meditation

Deceptive Assimilation

Do You Need A Spiritual Locksmith

Drawing Down The Moon

Emotional Triggers

Empath Series

Energy Signatures

Entering The Silence Discussion

Exploring You

Fearing Power And Medicine

Fertile Ground

Finding Your Song

Finding Your Voice

Giving Yourself Permission

Grounding And Centering With A Toddler Age 1-3

Grounding And Centering With And For Baby Age 0-1 Year

Grounding And Protective Stones


Holotropic Breath Work Discussion

How To See Auras

I Sit In Creation Meditation

Integrating And Bringing Forward A New Medicine

Jiggles: What We Learn From The Elemental Forces

Jumping Into Spirituality Over Ones’ Head

Kundalini Discussion

Leaking Energy

Learning To Recognize and Manifest Your Dreamweave

Levels Of Expertise

Losing Faith, Getting It Back, And Once Again…Perspectives

Mirror Introspection Exercise


Moon Exercise

Opening The Third Eye

Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, Stress, And Negative Perceptions

Path Of The Sacred Clown

Path Of The Sacred Warrior

Path Of The Shaman

Pattern Awareness

Personal Power

Please Define Medicine

Receiving A Call

Recognizing Your Medicine And Potential Discussion

Removing Blockages

Seed Meditation

Seeing Energy

Seeking Your Path

Shamanic Journeys


Shapeshifting And Pow Wow Images

Shapeshifting, Melding, And Imprinting

Sharing Knowledge

Shielding And Psychic Self-Defense

Shielding For Empaths

Smudging Process


Spirit Names and Passing Knowledge

Spirit World Etiquette

Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual Burnout

Spiritual Homework And The Needy Seeker

Steps In Understanding Native Spirituality

Steps To Becoming A Hollow Bone

Superimposed Visions Discussion

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Teacher Student Relationships Discussion

The Ego Of The Dark Path Discussion

The Gift Of Rejection

The Passion Of The Path

The Path Of The Feather

The Philosophy Of Spirituality

The Power Of Listening

The Teacher-Student Relationship

The Voice Of The Land

The Void Of Spirit

The Wheel Of The Year

The Wounded Healer

Universal Laws Of Energy Weaving

Variances Between Male And Female Medicine

Vision Quests

Walking With A Mentor

What Hinders Your Spiritual Progress

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