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Cinnamon Moon



River Moon


All courses of study offer the flexibility to work at your own pace, independently or with assistance. Cinnamon will match you step for step as you journey together through the course or courses that hold your interest. She will gladly answer your questions and assist you with the assimilation processes involved in your spiritual development and deciphering spiritual experiences.

Certification is available with private coaching sessions upon course completion.

Each course of study has prerequisite seminars, all will transfer as applicable credit for additional courses you may want to take.

The Seven Sacred Directions:

The course consists of a series of 8 seminars (along with free developmental exercises for those seeking certification). This is a course of self-empowerment, with coaching the issues in your life and the healing of old wounds will be addressed. You will come to understand the Universal Laws and their presence throughout life. You will learn to see as the shaman sees, recognizing the permeation of the spirit realms present in the physical reality, and therefore guidance when it presents itself. Upon completion and reflection of the journey you will be amazed at the growth and perspectives you have gained.

*Introduction to the elemental forces and dimensional realities.

*Personal gifts and abilities uncovered and honed.

*Discover your spiritual path.

*Meet 9 Totem animals.

*Meet 7 Spirit Guides.

*Meet a number of other Spirit Helpers.

*Learn to communicate with the spirits and develop a relationship with them.

*Learn to connect and communicate with Spirit and Mother Earth.

*Learn to shamanically journey.

*Understand your personal as well as universal symbology.

The Medicine Wheel:

The course consists of 11 seminars. Here you will come to see the cornerstones of the Medicine Wheel and the pathways of teachings that it holds. The Medicine Wheel teaches through 36 proverbial classrooms (stones). Exploration of what each stone represents and the teachings it holds are covered as follows:

*Studies around the center stone and hub delineating the ruling forces in life and accessing the Three Worlds.

*Studies of the four pathways to the center of the Wheel and the three stages of growth each elemental quadrant contains.

*Twelve arenas of study (three for each of the four elemental forces) encompassing the outer ring of the Medicine Wheel.

*Studies within the four elemental quadrants, their dimensions and inhabitants.

*The ability to map your way around the Medicine Wheel and create your own avenues of exploration.

*Understanding the path of initiation and the tests it holds.

*Self-empowerment and walking your path in a right manner.

Channeling Guidance:

This course consists of 9 seminars designed to assist you in connecting to your guides. You will learn to communicate and establish a relationship with them.

*Maintaining a balanced energy center through centering and grounding.

*Connect with Guides, Spirit Helpers and Totem animals through meditation, guided visualization and prayer practices.

*Recognizing energy signatures and patterns.

*Development of sensory abilities and quickening as you connect to your inner spirit.

*Raise your vibratory frequency and channel higher sources of guidance.

*Learn to understand the languages of the creature-teachers and Spirit Helpers.

*Understand the process of seeking enlightenment.

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