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By EagleSinging

Falcon came to me in my dreams a few nights ago. And recently I've seen a Peregrine Falcon in
a place I frequent during my conversations and silent moments with Spirit - which is very, very
unusual as it is out of their traditional habitat (although lots of good food can be found). I was
wondering if anyone has any information on Falcon. I'm doing a bit of research myself, but
would really like to hear what any of you may know about Falcon. I'm in an odd transition time
right now....coming out of a tunnel, as Cinn spoke of in her recent article. I had no idea I was
really in a tunnel - thought I was merely in and out of small ones but realize this one is big and it
is nice to be coming out of it. My dreams have been speaking to me of cleaning out and union. I
am aware of carrying a lot of energetic baggage that I want to dump, and now it is time to do it.
I'd love to hear of any insights about Falcon?


I think you can find info in the totem library, if not under falcon at least under hawk. Well that is
if I remember correctly. I have my own personal meaning regarding falcon that I haven’t seen
anywhere else. Usually I think falcon is linked, like hawk to swift action. In my book it's Spirit's
messenger. Eagle takes the prayer upwards and falcon brings you the answer. That came
naturally to me as falcon is associated with the uncanny ability to dive really fast. And for me
that just felt right.


Dearest Eagle Singing, Well, first of all, Wonderful! Second, although, there is some 'species
differences' some of the same 'attributes' of the 'Hawk' can be applied to 'Falcon.' However, if
'DreamMaker' revealed 'Falcon' to you, let us presume that is 'Your Guide' "coming out of the
tunnel. And, with that said, before we comment any further, in the 'Hierarchy of Animal Spirits,'
well maybe 'Directional Medicine' is a better way to refer to this, the 'Winged-Ones,' are the
placed at the 'East' in the 'Animal World.' And, so, they are by this position, deemed to be the
'Receiver/Determiners of Energy.'

Now, if you are not aware of these 'Ancient Wisdom Teachings,' (please see your post of the
Shaman Stones, and my reply, for some more info on Energy Forms), this means several things.
One, the 'Animal World' is the 'Great Receivers of Energy', they teach us 'Humans to have an
'innate sense' of what is going on around us!' (Receive the Energy of their surroundings,
trouble/danger, water/food, rest/play). And, two, because they are the 'East' the 'Direction of the
Spirit Portal,' which is the place of 'determined energy,' they not only are a 'way of you/I
Receiving Energy,' but as well, they 'Determine How we should 'interpret and respond!' And, if
none of this make sense, let me 'sum up' the 'real significance of any Winged-One' in either
'dream time' or 'awake time,' and that is, 'Change in Consciousness!'

Now, given your assessment of 'coming out of the tunnel,' does this make sense that you are
being 'gifted' with the 'revelation' that your 'Consciousness will be shifting to the Higher Planes?'
And, while your 'name sake' is understandably the 'Highest Level' of 'Determined Consciousness,
the Eagle,' as it 'flies closet to spirit (Sun/Heavens), and so, has a 'better view of the Earth AND
Heavens, and the 'Horizon (long term vision),' the 'Hawk, Owl, and Falcon (Kestrel)' (speaking
of North America), all too, symbolize a significant leap in 'Consciousness!'

Now, specifically, the 'Medicine' associated with Falcon, that perhaps distinguishes it from say,
'Hawk and Owl,' is said to be their 'speed and gracefulness in hunting.' Being predators of course,
they 'hunt other birds and mostly insects and reptiles and such.' Translate this 'metaphor' to
'practical Human Bean' terms, and it might suggest that you 'feed upon those smaller WingedOnes
(lowered consciousness (doubting/pretender voices that pull you down) of who and what
you are), and of course 'feed on those small tasks and habits in life, that before, have maybe
given you trouble. In other words, 'attention to some of the smaller things in your life, and
completing these tasks, may provide you the 'Soul Nourishment' that you need to reinforce your

While their 'Vision' has to be of a certain acuity to allow them the skill to detect prey, and 'strike,'
this is not the aspect of their 'hunting that distinguishes them' from the 'Hawk and the 'Owl.'
Simply put, I think 'Spirit/DreamMaker' is saying, "Eagle Singing determine and lift your
'consciousness to the higher realms!'" (Note:::have you seen the post on Question? did not think I
would be using this word that quickly) Whatever 'mindsets and thinking' that you have had up to
this point that may have had you 'bound to Earth,' need to fall away, and allow the 'Winged Spirit
of Your Soul' fly with the Falcons, and the Hawks, and of course, the Eagles!

And, it could be too, that you (by your admission to the 'tunnel') been too much so into your
emotions, and of course, by flying in the 'Element of Air,' you overcome as well, any 'negative
emotional (water) energies,' that may be pulling you down and you can't breathe. So, here is a
'little Damsel Fly Medicine Prayed for you' that you will be the 'overcomer of the water world'
and 'fly above in your new home of the Air--Consciousness!' Let 'speed and grace,' 'mental
quickness and planning and agility (flexibility in mindsets)' be your 'skills' in seeking/hunting all
those things that are necessary to the 'nourishment of your Soul.'

Does this 'resonate?’ What sayest thee O Eagle Singing in the tree?


umm, ElkDreamer, I have been away from these boards awhile and I don’t know if you were a
member before or if you just joined recently ( like one of your previous posts suggest ) but I just
wanted to say that I rather enjoy your way of writing and dissecting things and this from just two
posts or so. I hope to see more of your contribution and indeed if you are new, well I guess I
wish you a warm welcome and I'm sure your contribution will fit well with the rest of our eclectic
group. Sorry for the spellings at time, my mother tongue is French and sometimes my spelling isn't up to par.


Dear Northern Wolf, Merci beaucoup for the warm welcome. Yes, I am new, and if you all will
have me, and be able to tolerate my 'Bizarre Nature,' well, maybe I am 'electric' that may explain
why I am 'sparking all over the place' at times. Oh, that's right, 'eclectic.' Oh, well, I think I am
that too. More on that later. As to your spelling, looks good to me. And, that is the 'point,' to
communicate doesn't always mean how we say it or write it, but rather, did the other person, understand....


Oh a little bit of French there I don’t think there will be a problem with you fitting in, we are an
open group... not to undermine your worth or anything here. As for communication, you are
right but still since most here speak the English language, I do strive to better my writing for
lack of better terms, but that is just me. The only down side is that I make less mistakes in
English then in French, at least spelling wise. It doesn’t help that I've been writing more in
English than in French in the last years no thanks for the friends on this site. But it’s all good, as
you said , as long as we understand each other. Now I don’t want to be nosy or anything but I'm
feeling a bit inquisitive in regards to your previous post. Would you mind sharing your spiritual
background, not that it matters but it's always interesting knowing where ones perspective comes
from. Helps put things into context.


Northernwolf and ElkDreamer, thank you so kindly for your responses. I too had an
understanding that Falcon and Hawk were similar, but yet there is something distinct in it for me
since Hawk is familiar to me. And, perhaps that is just it - simply enough - that Hawk is too
familiar that I'm not listening. I am processing a lot lately, deeply. I did want you to know that I
greatly appreciate your meaningful responses and I'll be back later as I come to terms with the changes within.


Eagle Singing, The peregrine falcon is the fastest moving animal on earth. It is an animal that
must pick its target with intense accuracy and determination, due to the speeds reaches when
hunting. The Peregrine Falcon feeds upon a wide range of animals, but primarily other birds.
There is a trend in large cities to bring peregrine falcons to nest on highrises to maintain pigeon
populations. You can find quite a bit about them on the net, including several sites with
"Peregrine cams" on top of buildings.

The sudden coming of Peregrine Falcon can signify a need to guard your health with special
attention given to environmental pollutants, the glands, tissues, and reproductive organs. Timing
is important to Peregrine Falcon and patience is one of its virtues. Peregrine Falcon stimulates
a quick, graceful and agile mind using its mental faculties effectively and patiently to capture
what it wants and desires the most.

In Native American traditions Peregrine Falcon is associated with past life recall and can show
us how to dive into ourselves without fear. It holds the medicine of precision, timing, grace,
patience and acute mental perception. It teaches those with this medicine how to use their mental
capabilities to the fullest, move in harmony with their own nature and strike with force when
necessary. (some of the above was copied from correspondence I have had with shamanic
enthusiasts) PERSONALLY, I would go with whatever your gut feeling is for the animal. No one
can tell you more about your relationship with it than you. I don't use "canned" animal traits to
explain any of my dreams or journeys, I look for the relevance in the situation at hand. Then
again, I have spent a lot of time in nature and around the animals I connect with (including the
Peregrine falcon). Good luck!

Interesting. My husband and I were talking about Peregrine falcons this morning. ....Peregrines
seem to be flying all around.

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